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Guild wars 2 gold

Guild Wars 2 just launched, by all indications it lives as much as and surpasses the stellar reputation of its predecessor. GW2 features new races, classes, weapons, environments, and much more. A review of the new and interesting racial classes is enough to make any Guild Wars fan want to buy GW2 gold and deck his toons within the best gear and armor.

Gw2 gold

Listed here is a brief look at each one of the races in Guild Wars 2.


The sylvari yearn to find the reason for their existence. They're born from the Pale Tree, an old and mystical organism that were growing for centuries. The tree sprouted within the Maguuma Jungle from seeds planted with a soldier of old. Sylvari roam the land looking for adventure and also the concise explaination their lives.

Gw2 gold

Sylvari possess several unique racial abilities. Blessing with the Pale Tree will shield the user from attack, while Grasping Roots can freeze a foe where it stands. This race is most beneficial employed for distance and magic attack play styles. Sylvari make excellent support characters, but aren't the best for charging headfirst into battle.


These powerful shape-shifting warriors from the Shiverpeak Mountains treasure strength and honor more than anything else. Fiercely independent and with a keen comprehension of nature, the norn are natural hunters who love the rush and excitement from the hunt as well as the excitement of celebration. Norn warriors drink hard and fight harder. There isn't any allies more loyal compared to norn.

Norn hold the capacity to transform into several different beast modes with assorted strengths and attacks. They range from the bear, wolf, raven, and snow leopard forms. The norn race is adept at playing the role of first-line soldier. They can be utilized to deal strong physical attacks in a not much time.


The charr are an extremely strong feline race from your land of Tyria. Although they have faced many hardships previously, the charr were able to overcome them all. Ironically, the weakness from the charr may be the not enough unity amongst themselves. While they are vicious, battle-hardened fighters by having an impenetrable fortress and amazing mechanical technology, the charr remain a divided race.

Charr warriors possess the unique racial abilities of: Hidden Pistol, which fires a go when designed with any type of weapon; Scatter Mine, which tosses three mines that damage enemies; Warband Support, which calls allies to battle alongside you; Artillery Barrage, which damages a number of different enemies in the certain area; and Battle Roar. Charr characters can enjoy a variety of different roles on the battlefield, although they are likely ideal to head-on offense or pure defensive roles.


The asura are an intriguing race of small stature, but they possess enormous magical strength. They're an extremely intelligent race that prefers cleverness, wit, and process to dominating strength and power.

Asura possess offensive magical attacks including Arcane Blast and Radiation, along with a wondrous Golem Battlesuit skill that allows these to ride in the heavy suit of armor and ruin their foes. This race is best useful for support roles and distance fighting.


The humans of Tyria are already defending their property from invasion for 300 years. Whilst not as physically-imposing or magically-talented as other races, Humans are a cut above the rest when it comes to willpower and determination. Humans stand ready to protect their greatest city, Divinity's Reach, effortlessly their power.

Humans can summon the Hounds of Balthazar to ravage enemies, use a Prayer of Dwayna to heal themselves, or mumble a Prayer of Kormir to offset a crippling condition. Humans would be the most well-balanced and versatile from the races, and may match any play style according to profession.